Baggage Handling Systems manufacturer and supplier

MATREX designs, manufactures and installs airport baggage-handling systems (BHS) and passenger-processing solutions worldwide.
Our systems, designed to last, meet latest international security regulations.

Located in Burgundy (France) since 1961, MATREX is a former factory of a worldwide leader in the Baggage Handling System (BHS).

MATREX has developed both industrial and logistic know-how through its numerous achievements in pharmaceutical, logistical industry as well as food-processing, automotive industry and airport BHS.

MATREX is a member of PROAVIA, French airport trade association.


Check-in banks
Check-in counters
Belt conveyors, collector/pacer conveyors
Manual/automatic sorting carousels
Pushers, diverters
Baggage reclaim carousels
Boarding or Police counters
Security search tables, benches, seats
Baggage screening machines for standard hand/hold baggage and security checkpoint

Technical means

Our products are designed and manufactured in our workshops in France. More details