Passenger processing, furniture

Passenger processing involves several stages:

Checking-in of baggage at check-in desks

Before checking-in, passengers may also seek assistance from information booths or help desks. They will no doubt use luggage trolleys to make it easier to transport their bags. Flows can also be channelled by using Tensaguides.

Security screening (Security Checkpoints)

Passengers are invited to deposit their hand baggage in trays that pass through X-ray screening machines. Passengers must go through metal detectors. For some passengers, the use of hand-held magnetometers may be necessary (passengers with pacemakers, for example, are unable to pass through metal detectors). MATREX offers automatic return of empty trays underneath the security machine for re-distribution at the beginning of the line.

If any suspicions are raised by security screening personnel, hand baggage can be opened on search tables and passengers may be taken into a search booth.

When it comes to passport and identity checks, MATREX also offers police counters equipped with high-security glazing.

Waiting for boarding

In boarding area, passengers can wait for their flight on seating in a variety of benches and seats, from the simplest to the most comfortable depending on airport demand. Lastly, before boarding a plane, passengers present their boarding card to the attendant, who scans it at the boarding desk.

All computer and security screening equipment can be provided by MATREX.