Baggage handling at departure area

In the baggage handling at departure area, the first step is to check-in, weigh and label the baggage. Then the baggage will be injected on a baggage conveyor up to the baggage sorting area.

MATREX French Company designs, manufactures and installs baggage handling systems (BHS), passenger processing solutions and integration of safety and security machines in airports.

Firstly, the baggage handling system allows the transport of baggage in the airports. It carries the baggage from check-in counter up to loading in the plane. Then the baggage returns to the passenger’s baggage reclaim carousel. Baggage handling at departure area. 

Then, our equipments is based on robust and durable standards. They can be adapted to each situation to ensure passenger comfort and safety. The same goes for optimal working conditions for airport staff (baggage handlers, hostesses…).

Consequently, the baggage must go through a number of formalities and pass through several “modules” in succession:

1. Baggage handling at departure area

2. Baggage sorting area

3. Baggage handling at arrival area