Security Checkpoints

Security checkpoints screen hand baggage to detect any explosive materials or metallic objects carried by passengers.

These security checkpoints are installed at the entrance to public buildings deemed sensitive (museums, historical monuments, government ministries, regional councils, parliaments, courthouses, and so on).

They are often composed of a booth for passenger screening and potentially an X-ray screening machine. Hand-held magnetometers may also be used and there may also be machines for detecting traces of explosives.

In order to facilitate the flow of passengers being screened both upstream and downstream of the X-ray machine, a set of boxes is often provided for use on gravity roller conveyors. The return flow of empty boxes is handled either by trolley or by means of an automatic circuit.

This end-to-end automatic equipment enables empty boxes to be channelled from upstream sections to downstream sections passing underneath the screening machine and ensuring that no items are left in the box before they are reused.

MATREX provides complete security checkpoint installations, including all the necessary screening equipment, as required.

Equipment provided by MATREX
  • Boxes for hand luggage
  • Box trolley
  • Walk through metal detention portals
  • Hand baggage screening machines
  • Roller tables for bags weighing less than 20 kilos
  • Security search table
  • Booth for body search
  • Police counter
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