Our Technical Means


Technical Engeneering

Our engineers work with  the softwares « PRO ENGINEER and AUTOCAD.
Our technicians will support you in customising handling solutions , being relevant to all yours demands and adapting our practices to them.


Mechanical Engineering

We are equipped with numerical and traditional control machines for the usining and cutting of our rollers, drums and the whole of the mechanical parts made in ours workshops.



Our chassis and sheet metal parts are manufactured on a digital punching machine according to our needs.  Each piece are designed by the software DAO. The program is transmitted to the punching machine for a just-in-time execution.


Forming and Bending

Sheets metal are formed by bending, rolling or cylindrical bending to aggregate the structure of our convoyers. We have at disposal 3 bending machines, 1 rolling, 3 cylindrical bending.



The Boilermakers built the mecanowelded structures in our workshops. We are also equipped with a welding robot for the cylindrical work parts.



The paint finish is made by the application of  epoxy powder. Each work part is identified and suspended on the chain of surface treatment (degreasing, phosphating). After rinsing and drying our painters apply a coat of powder epoxy  and  customised the colour to your wishes.  Then the colour is polymerized into the furnace that heat at 180°c.



All our equipments are assembled and tested in the plant by our team of technicians, Assemblers-Setters, specially trained to our specify handling systems . Installation is provided by our After Sales Service Technicians specially trained in handling systems. Control quality files made available on demand.

Automation and Electricity 

Once your circuit is assembled in our workshops, we propose to automate them, whether they are containers, boxes, pallets to handle as well as other  machineable  products. The whole being under control with our electric control board and remote panel.