Baggage deposit

Standard hold baggage

Standard hold luggage is deposited by baggage handlers on specially designed drop-off belt conveyors. These bags can also be deposited on roller conveyors before being injected onto baggage claim carousels.

Our conveyor belts have been designed to prevent bags from returning to restricted areas.

The injection of bags onto baggage claim carousels is performed through simple “windowing” : a module detects the presence of bags on the carousel immediately in front of the injection area.


Non-standard hold baggage

Special hold baggage should be deposited on roller conveyors before being made available to passengers. The majority of these baggage reclaim circuits should be short and straight. We offer simple and secure installations by means of anti-intrusion shutters.

Roller conveyors

Roller conveyors for transporting special hold baggage are in painted steel for use in restricted areas and in 220-grain brushed stainless steel for use in baggage reclaim areas open to passengers.

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