Our History

More than 50 years of experience...


1961 : Starting of MATREX

1972 : MATREX settles in Villeneuve sur Yonne

1985 : MATREX starts manufacturing Baggage Handling Systems (BHS)

1992 : Lionel DUPONT of TELEFLEX acquires MATREX, renamed MATFLEX, worldwide leader in BHS

1997 : MATFLEX becomes again independant

2008 : development of a stainless steel equipment range for the Food Processing and Pharmaceutical

2010 : MATREX starts exporting its know how of Industrial and Airport Handling Solutions (BHS)

2012 - 2017 : MATREX  has been awarded contracts for important BHS projects abroad (Algeria : Constantine, Jijel, Biskra, Adrar, Gabon : Port-Gentil, Benin : Cotonou...) and France (Airports of Béziers, Paris Aéroport, La Rochelle...)

And now ?
Building future with you ! 

Evolution of logos MATREX